Australia Day 4: Rainforest Tours

Hi Love Bugs! We visited the Daintree Rainforest yesterday, and boy was it lush! We had a series of interesting experiences to say the least, but it ended up turning out to be a-okay! We started the day off by going to the Wildlife Habitat in Port Douglas. We got to see many native Australian animal species in their natural habitat. We also had the opportunity to feed the wallabies, and hold a koala–being with the animals was my favorite part of the day! We then went to Mossman Gorge which was absolutely beautiful. However, if I were to be honest, I have seen bigger gorges, and better sceneries throughout North Carolina. We were a bit disappointed with the rainforest tour because we did not get what we paid for due to a scheduling error. Nonetheless, we had a great time.We then made our way to Port Douglas for lunch at the beach. This however was not an ordinary beach–it prohibited access to the ocean due to sharks, crocodiles, and deadly jelly-fish. Remind me again why there is a resort on this beach? Beats Me! We finished the day by taking a crocodile cruise, and we spotted 2 full grown crocodiles(both male and female) and then 2 baby crocodiles. All of the pictures below were taken on my Nikon D3200, besides the pictures holding the Koalas. We purchased those.

Sleepy Koala

SeanKoala YourPhoto-2

Feeding the wallabies was my absolute favorite!
Feeding the wallabies was my absolute favorite!


Mossman's Gorge
Mossman’s Gorge
Always have been, always will be a daddy’s girl.
The Florida A’s at Mossman Gorge!
Me and my daddy at Mossman Gorge
I can’t get enough of the Australian wild flowers…absolutely gorgeous!
Baby Wallaby in his mommy’s pouch! So adorable.
This adorable owl is for you, Monica!! Hoot Hoot!
Feeding the wallabies! They are so cute…miniature versions of kangaroos who just so happen to nocturnal..who woulda thought!
The cutest little birds welcoming us to the Wildlife Habitat.
This sign was right outside of Cape Tribulation. The vinegar is meant for jelly-fish stings! Incredibly scary.
Dangerous Cape Tribulation Beach… I guess beauty is pain huh?
Rex Lookout outside of Port Douglas

DSC_0372 DSC_0370

Scenery from the Crocodile Tour.
Crikey Matey! It is Elizabeth the female croc!
Crikey Matey! It is Elizabeth the female croc!

Thank you for sharing your day with us! I hope you enjoyed seeing the animals through my lens as I did playing with them. Until next time, Love bugs! Christina

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