Australia Day 3: Wow, in awe! Great Barrier Reef Full Day Excursion

Hi Love Bugs!

We snorkeled 2 outer reefs yesterday, and couldn’t believe our eyes. The under water world is magnificent. I knew the Great Barrier Reef was going to be amazing, but I did not know how breathtakingly beautiful it was going to be in person. We had great visibility, but had to fight some serious current due to the wind, and a cyclone forming out in the ocean. Good thing for noodles (our floaties), or we would have been out of luck! The ocean was incredibly rough while leaving for, and away from the reefs. The boat was bouncing back and forth and it caused many people to get sea sick; however, the crew said the weather was out of the norm, and is usually a lot more calm. Lucky for me, I was okay due to preparation! All of the pictures below were taken on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition. Enjoy!

On the Catamaran excited to hit the first reef!
On the Catamaran excited to hit the first reef!


We found this gem, on the first reef!
Exploring the beauty.
Taking a quick breather.
Taking a quick breather with Sean!


Hi There!!!! Daddy Daughter selfie! haha.
Sean and his dad on the catamaran–getting ready to snorkel Reef #2!


My Handsome Guy! :)
My Handsome Guy! 🙂


Found a Sea Cucumber...SCORE!
Found a Sea Cucumber…SCORE!


FAV picture of my time at the reef!!
FAV picture of my time at the reef!!
Taking a deep dive down there…


Here fishy fishy fishy....
Here fishy fishy fishy….

Thank you for sharing your day with me by following along. You have no idea how much it means! The Great Barrier Reef is an amazing example of God’s artwork. I cant wait to go back, and dive this under water world again.

Until next time, Love bugs!


8 thoughts on “Australia Day 3: Wow, in awe! Great Barrier Reef Full Day Excursion

  • Thank you for sharing all of your adventures! You are, as I always say, pure sunshine. What a wonderful memory for you and your dad!

  • looks like sean shrunk while in the water, in your “resting” photo. I think I saw a mermaid a couple of times. so happy for you to be on this fabulous vacation of a lifetime njoy

  • Christina, absolutely breathtaking photos!! Your photos reminded me of the days I used to scuba dive; underwater beauty, peaceful and so serene. Thanks for sharing! Love the father – daughter selfie!!

  • Breathtakingly beautiful……I want to see more, you left me wanting more. Can’t wait for daddy to come home and share with me every single detail. Absorb everything and etch it in your memories because this is a once in a lifetime event that you will never forget……..So proud of you my little love bug. I love you forever!!!!!!!! Mom

    • I will not forget anything. Don’t worry, I will tell you every single little detail. We have so many pictures, I will put it on a slide show when I get home. I love you!!!

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