Hello! My name is Christina. I am a 20-something, life-loving, newlywed. I love all things spontaneous, beautiful, miniature (probably because, I too, am miniature…fun size as they call it), and just plain interesting. You may not realize this, but I am a huge history buff. I love old pictures and learning about the past. The world is an interesting place, and I was put on it to explore.

 I love, love. I am a crazy over-the-moon, hopeless romantic, lover of love. I am extremely passionate about life, the ocean, and traveling. I want to see it all. I was blessed to have an upbringing that very much welcomed the travel bug into my life at an early age, and even more blessed to have a spectacular husband, who is just as passionate about traveling and taking on the world as I am.We just can’t seem to shake the travel bug. We have been bitten real hard.

In this blog, I will share pictures of our time around the world, the culture we’ve submerged ourselves into, and the lessons we’ve learned. Until then, see the world with loving eyes, and strive to make a difference. 

XO, Christina


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