March Birchbox

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” -Confucius

I got my March Birchbox last week, and wanted to publish this post after sampling all of the products. When I first opened the box, I was a bit disappointed but told myself to give it a chance and make a judgement call after sampling all of the products. I can honestly say I am still disappointed; however, I stand by decision in continuing to receive the Birchbox subscription every month because I have gotten some great products! I have seen other bloggers get great boxes this month, and I have hope for April. photo 1-11So here are my thoughts, Love Bugs:

photo 4-9

Coola Tinted Matte SPF 30: $36| This was my favorite product in the box. I loved the consistency of the sunscreen. It felt like light mousse, and did not make my skin feel oily or greasy. It also has a nice tint to it. I used it laying out by the pool in Naples this weekend, and I would definitely purchase it if it weren’t so pricey!

photo 5-5

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: |$34 This facial cleanser was just average to me. Yes, it has a great beaded scrub, and smells nice, but I am a huge fan of Philosophy Hope in a Jar. It just seems a lighter to me. This sample was too heavy.

photo 3-10

Gena Pedi Cure Foot Treatment Creme: $14| I do enjoy this lotion. Gena has been around for years! I remember my mother purchasing her products when I was a little girl! She use to own one of those pedicure home spas you can purchase from Bed Bath and Beyond. Those were very popular in the late 90s early 00s. This product brings me back to the good ole days, so I will always cherish the brand because of the memories associated with it. The lotion has a great tingly, menthol scented feeling when use it! Great for tired toesies.

photo 2-10

StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Day Treatment with Broad Spectrum SPF 30: |$99 This product seems expensive to me. As you can see by the size of my very small sample, I was only able to use this product once. I unfortunately cannot report back to you on any differences in my skin. The product is meant to help rejuvenate skin, even tone, and diminish fine lines, resulting in a fresher, more youthful visage.

photo 1-9

theBalm cosmetics How “Bout Them Apples?”: $35 | I am not a fan of this at all. I hated the color I was given. I did not like the consistency on my lips. It felt and looked cheap in my personal opinion. The color was off, and I really could not have hated this product anymore. I will most likely never use it. Harsh? Well maybe I wouldn’t be if the price wasn’t so astronomical!

photo 2-13

Ghiradelli Intense Dark Cherry Tango: So I am not sure where the tango or intense dark from the name comes from because this chocolate is not intensely dark in the slightest. I am not a big fan of dark chocolate, and I really liked this! It had great hints of cherry and minced nuts.

Overall, my Birchbox was mediocre in my opinion. I always watch the sneak peek video because I get so excited to get my Birchbox in the mail, and I wanted so many other samples. My disappointment partially spawns from that, but any who–I am still excited to receive the April box. TRY OUT THE SUBSCRIPTION! It is such a fun surprise to get in the mail every month. All of the above pictures were taken on my iPhone5.

Until next time, Love Bugs!


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