Hey Ya’ll–Just got back from Savannah, GA!

I fell in love with Savannah for the 2nd time this past week. I was there about a year ago in May of 2013 for a wedding, and it is still the same charming little place I remembered it to be. The southern charm glistens from each corner, and the friendliness is apparent in each restaurant and/or boutique you walk through….well besides this one bicycle store we passed on Broughton (Sekka Bike), but hey there is an exception to everything right?! 😉

Savannah is the oldest city in Georgia, and the historical sites are amazing! I love it all! From the Spanish Moss trees, to the quaint houses, to all of the squares–it is just so rich in history that you find yourself constantly learning! The trolley drivers, historic signs around the city, the waitresses at different restaurants, all sharing stories and painting the picture of what Savannah was like hundreds of years ago, and of course current time! Rather the stories be about architecture or ghosts, the people are so proud of their town they are willing to share the knowledge with anyone who will listen…heck whether you want to listen or not! And to be honest, I am so glad that they shared the wealth! We saw, we ate, and we conquered! I have included a collection of some of my favorite pictures from both of my trips to Savannah! 🙂

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