Australia Day 2: Fitzroy Island & Green Island in the Great Barrier Reef

Hello Love Bugs! I started this post last night at 9:40pm Australia time, and I couldn’t finish it because of the horrible spotty internet in the lobby. The lobby was filled with people trying to get on the same server. Luckily for my jet lag, I am up at 4:36am, and I am the only one here. Hallelujah! We were blessed with another day full or sunshine, and we took advantage of every second of it! Today, my dad and I went to Fitzroy Island, and Sean and his Dad went to Green Island. I like to say, we divided and conquered. The pictures below were taken on my Nikon D3200 and my GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition.

Fitzroy Island, aka the hidden gem of the GBR: One of the most beautiful places I have EVER laid my eyes on. It is true paradise. The crystal clear blue ocean meets the mountainous LUSH terrain. We saw wildlife, and GIGANTIC limestone and granite boulders.

Truly breathtaking
Truly breathtaking–on the way to Fitzroy! #GoPro

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