Birchbox: My thoughts on the February box & Why You Should Invest the $10 a month!

Hi Love Bugs!

I hope you are all doing absolutely fantastic on this wonderful Saturday morning. Today, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on Birchbox. If you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend you visit their website: ASAP! This superb little box comes straight to your door mid-month harboring 5 perfect little beauty surprises. I am completely obsessed. Once, I get the “Your Birchbox has shipped email,” I wait with such heightened excitement with one of my co-workers, who also subscribes.

According to their website, Birchbox “helps you find products that you love.” I couldn’t agree more with this statement! Not only do I love sampling the beauty products, but I love getting a surprise every month in the mail. What girl doesn’t love receiving a package in the mail? Especially when it comes with great beauty products handpicked from your personal beauty profile. I also absolutely love how everything is travel-sized. The Pro to this for me personally is I don’t have to run to the travel section of Target to stock up on TSA approved toiletries for my trips!

Another Pro to Birchbox that I will admit I haven’t taken advantage of is reviewing products on their website. Once you review a product online, you are able to get points and purchase the products on the Birchbox website. I am actually going to review the products upon finishing this post since I am reviewing them here for you Love Bugs, today! I will let you know how it goes in my March Birchbox post. You also get points for referring friends, so if you do decide to get a Birchbox from this post, feel free to write my name down!

So without further ado, here are the contents of my February Birchbox:

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