Day 7: Blue Mountains & Gartner’s Amazing SPOOKISH Fright Night Party

Hi Love Bugs,

I have been so behind on my posts. As a quick update, Sean and I made it to Fiji and we are now 16 hours ahead of the US and it is 6:30am. I am listening to the sound of the waves crash against our private deck, and it is pure bliss. I am planning on catching up on my posts today because I am up so early due to the time change. We are 2 hours ahead of Sydney.

The Blue Mountains outside of Sydney are absolutely beautiful. They almost take your breath away with all of the colors in the the sandstone. The reason why they are called the Blue Mountains is because the Eucalyptus trees give off an oil from the leaves that make the mountains appear blue in the distance. On our way to the mountains, we passed a zoo and many fruit farming fields. It is Autumn here so the leaves were starting to change, and it was just beautiful. We stopped at many look outs, and even saw an aboriginal dance that I was chosen to be a part of. It was pretty fun! Once we got back from the Blue Mountains, we went to quite possibly the best party I have ever been too. Gartner rented out an old warehouse and it was decorated for a Fright Night theme with dying roses, a hearse, spider webs, fog, purple lighting, etc. They really went all out. They hired an amazing spooky band, and dancers that walked around dressed up in costume. They even danced perfectly to thriller at one point. They also had a few make up artists painting ghoulish faces. I wish I would have taken advantage of this, but the line was too long. The people who got their make up done looked absolutely amazing. Some had sugar skulls, while others had Mad Hatter type painted faces. Overall, it was amazing and completely over the top.

He was a sweet little guy……in between trying to fly away! Lol.

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