Australia Day 9: Last Day in Sydney with an AMAZING friend & local showing us the ropes in Manly Beach

Hi Love Bugs,

It is 10:05pm in Fiji, and I am sad to say this is my last Australian post. We had such an amazing time, and the memories will truly last forever. I can’t stop reflecting on how blessed Sean and I are to have shared this experience with our dads. It brings a tear to my eye knowing we were able to bring them on such a journey. This trip does not even scratch the surface as to how filled with gratitude we are to have been blessed with such amazing parents. This does not even thank them in the slightest for all they have done. We feel blessed, and lucky to have such amazing families. We miss you.

On our last day in Sydney, we met up with an old friend Mick from our internship in Chapel Hill, NC in 2011. Mick just so happens to be from Canberra, Australia, and we were so excited when plans worked out to meet him in his homeland, the beautiful Australia!!! Mick drove 3 hours to see us! We had no idea Sydney was that far away. We feel so blessed and honored that he did that for us. Thank you so much, Mick! Thank you, thank you, thank you. We honestly had the best day ever. He showed us around Manly Beach which consisted of gorgeous beaches, delicious burgers, great drinks (multiple drinks…who are we kidding), another amazing cliffside walk, and a tour of his university…which just so happened to be the very place the Great Gatsby was filmed. Wowza, did we have fun! Follow along for some pictures of our day! 🙂

Just hanging out with the street performers before the ferry
Just hanging out with the street performers before the ferry…

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