Singapore, and my First Impressions.

Well we made it! We have officially spent our first few days in Southeast Asia frolicking amongst the locals of Singapore, or at least trying too! In order to obtain the honesty of this blog, I must report that we have fallen into TWO tourist traps in our first few days here!! LOL we came out unscathed, nonetheless! LOL just a few dollars shorter than we would have liked to spend on food/drinks!

Many times throughout these short 72 hours, I have stopped in my tracks and thought, “Am I really here? Am I actually this far from the people I love most (besides my sweet hubby standing next to me of course)?  Well yes, YES I am, and GOD IT FEELS GOOD!! IT IS SURREAL. Let me rephrase, it does not feel good that I am far away from my family and friends ( I LOVE YOU GUYS VERY MUCH AND AM CONSTANTLY THINKING OF YOU), BUT MORE SO that I am dropped in the middle of the world 100s of 1000s of miles away doing what I love most, EXPLORING, diving into culture, tasting new food, reading about the history of a place I know NOTHING about. It feels really good sitting here writing this post and looking out my hotel window at the skyline of Singapore. This is what I love, this is what makes me happy, this is what I am meant to be doing. 


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A Capitol 4th: Washington, DC.

Washington D.C. is a spectacular place. It is home to President Obama, Congress, and is the capital of the United States of America. I visited over the holiday weekend and stayed in the neighboring city of Old Town, Alexandria, VA with a wonderful friend from college. Old Town is a quaint little place, and one of the cutest I have ever seen. It is lined with brick sidewalks, gorgeous brownstones, and wonderful shops, and bakeries. I enjoyed walking up and down the walkways, and sightseeing around the historic buildings, and churches. In DC, we stopped by the White House, the Washington Memorial, the National Mall, the Abraham Lincoln Memorial, the Capitol Building, the National Archives, the US Navy Memorial, the Vietnam War Memorial, China Town, the American History Smithsonian Museum, and the Natural History Smithsonian Museum. We also spent some time in Georgetown, which was absolutely amazing. It felt as if I stepped into a time machine and traveled back a few decades. Although the stores are new and modern, the architecture is old and historic. Georgetown was also lined with brick buildings, walkways, and brownstones.

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