West Coast Bucket List

SO when Sean and I decided on actually taking the plunge and moving to San Diego, we were thrilled at the thought of how many doors it could open for us both professionally and recreationally. When we got here, we couldn’t stop talking about how many weekend trips we wanted to take, and all of the places on the west coast that we really wanted to visit. Being in sales, we were always told to write it down and set some goals. However, writing your goals down only works if you truly believe in those goals, and actually¬†want¬†said goals to happen. When I do finally write things down, I look at the list, and think of it as my dream board. A couple weeks ago, I wrote a bucket list for us and I have had it sitting on our refrigerator for us to look at. Since writing it down and having it on my mind, we bought tickets through Sam’s Club to utilize the discount, and went to Disneyland (post to come soon) yesterday. The joy in writing a list is having the ability to cross things off of it. I really wanted to cross something off it, and I have always been a fan of Disney…so why the heck not?

Here it is…our West Coast Bucket List!! Knowing us, we will be adding more and more as we go! I am sure of it.

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