Sting Ray Helmet Dive: Moorea, Tahiti

Tahiti is a beautiful place. Sean and I were so shocked to see the vibrant & drastic blues of the water. What shocked us even more than the crystal clear water, was how abundant the sea life was. Not only was there so many fish and sting ray, but the way the sea life interacted with human beings, was absolutely mesmerizing! Our tour guides treated the animals like pets, and need I mention, these animals were NOT pets, no where near it. In fact, they were wild animals in the middle of the ocean. What was truly astonishing was the way the animals reacted when they saw our tour guides. It was also amazing to witness the tour guides navigate and find their favorites rays, eels, and fish in the middle of the deep blue.


Sean and I chose to do our Helmet Dive with AquaBlue in Moorea, and we are so glad that we did! We loved it so much, we plan on getting scuba certified (more details to come). I will admit, I was incredibly scared to do this dive. I could not wrap my brain around how the water would stay out of the helmet. Needless to say, it did, and we all survived. The helmet was weighted, so it allowed us to walk on the sea floor amongst the wild life. The sting rays came right up to us, along with other fish, and they were all so majestic. They are soft, yet slimy. Very curious little creatures. One of the rays was over the moon in love with our tour guide! She would not leave his side, and even tried to get in the boat with us after we left. The loyalty reminded me of our dog, Tucker. Isn’t that a crazy thought?

After a few minutes of walking on the sea floor, I felt totally comfortable, and loved every second. Like scuba diving, you do have to neutralize by either swallowing (which is what I did) or blowing through your nose, while holding it, to clear your ears. After gaining confidence, I removed my helmet under water (yes I have a picture to prove it). We were able to jump up and down, while catching lots of air…well as much air as you can catch while under water! 😉 We had so much fun! I highly recommend doing a Helmet Dive tour when available, and ESPECIALLY if you are in Moorea. Although it may appear scary, you will walk away with so much confidence!

Take a peek at our favorite shots via the below slideshow:

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Have you ever done a Helmet Dive tour? What did you think? We are dying to go back!!! What a cool experience that was.




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