Where am I now? What does IT mean?

December 29, 2014: The last blog post published to this page. WOW! Where have I been, and who am I now?! Although highly embarrassed at the thought of how much time has passed since fulfilling my passion of creative life-style writing, I have been doing a lot of living. And by living, I mean getting married, changing my last name, traveling (I guess I wouldn’t be the Traveling Love Bug if I didn’t), and making it happen each and every day. Wait a second, what do I mean by it? IT means life, IT means loving, IT means laughing, laughing really hard until I pee my pants (yes, that’s happened before too, and no, I’m not ashamed), IT means cherishing every moment,  IT means taking in every day as if it were my last, and most of all, IT means slowing down and living for now. LIKE, RIGHT NOW, and that my friends, is what I have been up too.

Something special happens when I begin writing, and after re-vamping my page (you like?) and diving back into it, I have finally been able to put my finger on it. Reflection. Reflection happens when I begin writing. Why is this so important? If we don’t take time for ourselves to reflect, to be grateful, to re-imagine and dream, we don’t move forward.   It is so hard to stop and take a second to breathe it all in, relax and enjoy. When we do this, we allow our bodies to fill with gratitude, re-charge and most importantly, dream. I have so much gratitude for God, my husband, my family, my best friends, and most of all this beautiful life. I love taking time to reminisce and remind myself how incredibly thankful I am to be living this wonderful life.

I have often mentioned goals in my previous posts, and this is something Sean and I make sure to live by. Most of our short term goals involve travel (typical), while long term goals mostly include financial milestones. We love working towards something, and making it happen by creating lists, and mostly dreaming about it until the time has come for it to happen. There I go saying it again, but really truly IT means life, laughter, and truly soaking it in.

So what are my commitments to whats left of 2016 and this blog?

  1. LOVE – love a lot, and love every one
  2. JUDGE LESS -be less judgmental, and try more new things
  3. REFLECT – take it all in
  4. EXPLORE – I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list – Susan Sontag 
  5. BLOG – my favorite commitment, blog once a week, at a minimum.
  6. ENJOY- enjoy life, enjoy my new husband, enjoy IT all.

I can’t wait to include you all in my journey, and once again, thank you for following.




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