Split, Croatia: Extreme Canyoning on the Cetina River

Split, Croatia is an adventurer’s dream. Not only does it give you the ability to marvel at nature’s beauty, but you literally have the opportunity to do anything from hiking, zip-lining, kayaking, cliff jumping, rock-climbing to canyoning. Sean and I wanted to do something completely and utterly awesome while in Split…something out of the norm. While researching Trip Advisor and reading reviews, I stumbled across Adventure Omis , and I am so glad that I did. Ivan, our tour guide and one of the owners of the company took very good care of us. He was knowledgeable, down to earth, accommodating, and never once made us feel unsafe. While reading about the activities they had to offer, I knew Extreme Canyoning was for us. We had SOO much fun canyoning on the Cetina River. We swam through crystal clear natural pools and rapids. We cliff jumped into various lakes and waterfalls. We abseiled 164.5 feet along the side of the great Gubavica waterfall. It was fabulous! Words cannot describe the beauty we witnessed, or how crystal clear the water was as it rippled with each step. Pictures simply do not do it justice.  

Our journey began on top of the Cetina River Dam. Seriously, what a spectacular view from up above!


Just before abseiling down the waterfall above, we trekked through this huge (and very dark) cave.
DCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPROWe loved the cliff jumps. What a blast!


And why not hike behind the waterfall and jump through? DCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRO

I still cannot get over the colors of the rocks. It was even more stunning in person.

The two pictures below are perfect examples of how cold the water was. It was absolutely freezing–colder than the water I drank for dinner, and colder than the ice pool I jumped into in Fiji. Sean’s hands literally turned blue. After awhile, we were so scared of jumping in because the sheer shock our bodies went through when hitting the ice cold water.DCIM106GOPRO

DCIM106GOPROBut boy was it beautiful…and totally worth it!DCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPROAnd that is that is the face of pure joy, success, and achievement, ladies & gentlemen.


Looking back at these pictures, I am still in shock at how absolutely beautiful the canyons of the Cetina River are, and how lucky we were to see it with our own two eyes!

Then this happened…who would have thought? lolDCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRODCIM106GOPRO

Below you will find Devil’s Passage, the deepest pool in all of the Cetina River. DCIM106GOPRO



Thanks for following along, Love Bugs! Until next time—xoxo

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