Dream Chasers: Sean and Christina take Europe!

Hi Love Bugs–boy do I have some amazing news for you…

Sean and I are taking on Europe! We are following our dreams, and paving our own path.

These 2 fun loving goofballs are ready to explore 18 cities in 8 AMAZING countries all within 32 DAYS! Wait, what!? YEP, it is really happening. There is a big bad world out there, and I am dying to live it, breath it, and see it. Travel awakens our soul, and we plan on taking full advantage of everything this wonderful life has to offer.

 IMG_0155 IMG_0563 DSCN1086 DSC_1034  
There is NOTHING in this world that makes me happier than knowing I am traveling the world with the love of my life. Saying I can’t wait is a serious understatement. I can’t imagine embarking on this journey with any one else. I love you, Sean Michael Campbell. AHHH I CANT WAIT to walk this world hand in hand with you! ❤

If you have not subscribed to the Traveling Love Bug already, click on the follow button and subscribe by email to see our newest adventures instantly! If that doesn’t sound like a good future read to you, IDK what is! 😉 I will be posting as much as possible while overseas (internet permitting), and this will be the easiest way to stay up to date with our adventures! Also, don’t forget to check my Instagram: Christy_Aleman for a more frequent daily feed of where the path may lead us.

You can expect to find us all over Europe! We will be making stops in:

  1. Florence, Italy
  2. Venice, Italy
  3. Pisa, Italy
  4. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Dusseldorf, Germany
  6. Paris, France
  7. Nice, France
  8. Eze, France
  9. Monte Carlo, Monaco
  10. Barcelona, Spain
  11. Kusadasi, Turkey
  12. Athens, Greece
  13. Corfu, Greece
  14. Santorini, Greece
  15. Mykonos, Greece
  16. Olympia, Greece
  17. Dubrovnik, Croatia
  18. Split, Croatia

d94f4c939eb5337ab583303b957b24ecadbaa27d3424272e9e627f8a04062fe5850152e49e1a2aa87b0d47054acc8f9aIf you have any comments, suggestions, tips, past travel stories, warnings, PLEASE COMMENT & LET US KNOW! 

See you on the other side, Love bugs! xo.




2 thoughts on “Dream Chasers: Sean and Christina take Europe!

  • We can’t believe you will be embarking on this journey so soon……Daddy and I will be anxiously waiting to read your posts. Continue to chase your dreams, they have always been big and they’ve always been within your reach. We’re so incredibly proud of you…..we love you always to the moon and back and infinity and beyond!!!!

  • Ahh you’re starting in my favorite city ever! When you’re in Florence you have to go to the Michaelangelo Square. I’d recommend going at sunset and bringing a bottle of wine so you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of Florence! Also, they have “secret bakeries” all throughout Florence that you can only get baked goodies from late at night. We used to walk around at night and wait until we smelt the delicious fresh baked smell. Once you find them you can buy cheap and super fresh/still warm croissants, cookies, bread, etc.

    You’ll love the fact that there is literally gelato on every corner. It’s all delicious, but my favorite gelato place was Gelateria dei Neri. Super noms!

    I don’t know if you have time in your trip for it, but my favorite day trip when I was in Italy was to Cinque Terre. It’s a National Park right on the coast and it’s seriously the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. You can take a train from Florence and it’s absolutely worth it.

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