Fiji Day 6: Happy Easter from Namale as we celebrated our last morning in paradise

Hi Love Bugs!

The Namale life is still as fresh in our minds as the daily mojitos we enjoyed in SavuSavu during our time there. We can still smell the fresh mint, and taste the refreshing lime as we reminisce on our islandy days in this sunny wonderland. We dream of operating on Namale time, and crave our 3:00pm afternoon nap in the hammock overlooking the ocean. I can feel my eyes slowly closing just thinking about the sound of the waves smashing into the sand. We were so blessed to rejoice in Jesus’ resurrection in true paradise. We enjoyed Easter morning by starting the day with room service. The Namale staff took our breakfast orders, as well as the entire resorts, the night before at dinner. They brought room service to each bure. We were delivered fresh breads in a beautiful hand woven palm frond basket.

Sean and I relaxed in the sun, went paddle boarding, and said goodbye to our favorite parts of the resort! We had such a blast paddle boarding. We laughed the entire time because we kept falling…we don’t know if it was the pitcher of mojitos we drank before or the waves crashing into the boards. All we know is that in the midst of laughing our butts off, we were stranded in the middle of the lagoon for 2 hours laughing hysterically. The hotel staff even took it upon themselves to take the boat out to check on us not only once but twice to see if we wanted a lift back to the resort. I will never forget that Easter morning of laughter. I wish I could go back. The Namale team does an excellent job of making you feel like a true part of their family. Upon leaving, they have you sign a cement brick, and they place the dried bricks around the entire resort enticing you to come back and find it.  We were so sad to leave as they loaded our suitcases into the van and sang us traditional Fijian goodbye song.

Happy Easter! We love our Handmade Palm Frond basket.
Happy Easter! We love our Handmade Palm Frond basket.
Happy Easter! He has risen!
Happy Easter! He has risen!

We miss you Namale. Here are some pictures of our wonderful morning of relaxation:

The ocean water never lacks color in Fiji. It is always so beautiful and blue. Not to mention my little hunk makes this shot! 😉
I will forever miss this hammock. You were my slice of paradise!

DSC_0394 DSC_0386My favorite part of the day– Paddle Boarding. We really had such a fun time, and now we are contemplating buying paddle boards here in Florida. Enjoy some of our pictures before we started falling:

DSC_0402DSC_0403 DSC_0404


DSC_0406 DSC_0407

One last view from our farewell lunch.
One last view from our farewell lunch.

Fiji, you have forever captured our heart. Do not fret for we will be back to visit you. I have recommended you to all of our friends and family–and to all of my newly engaged friends, please talk to me about going to Fiji for your honeymoon. I will convince you! This place was wonderful–jaw droppingly wonderful.

Until next time friends,



One thought on “Fiji Day 6: Happy Easter from Namale as we celebrated our last morning in paradise

  • What a memorable vacation. I loved all your descriptions—I could hear the waves, feel the breeze, I even heard that infectious laugh of yours and then the rumbling in my stomach brought me back to reality!!!! I loved everything. Can’t wait for your next adventure. I love you to moon and back and infinity and beyond……..

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