Our Fallen Angel

Hi Love Bugs!

I am so excited to begin and share this blog with you. One of the main reasons for starting this is because I miss writing. I was a Communications major and Journalism minor at Florida Gulf Coast University, and loved everything about creative writing. Something about it completes me. I feel whole. In this blog, I am going to share with you my life, the people I love, and the things I enjoy to do.

I want to dedicate my first blog post to my amazing grandfather who lost his battle to breast cancer four years ago this very day.


 Posting this blog today is not out of sadness, but out of joy that I got to spend 21 wonderful years with such a great man. I miss him so much, but am glad his suffering has come to an end. He was a strong man full of pride. He did not want his family to see him suffer. I feel his warmth with me everyday, and know he is with my family. My grandpa sent us a beautiful gift on his birthday last year–my niece, Arianna.  We will be celebrating her first birthday March 2, 2014.

photo-26My grandpa and I had an incredibly strong bond. I was his first grandchild, and I would often times fall asleep on his belly. My first word was “pescado” (fish in Spanish) and it was said on his boat in the beautiful South Florida Keys. I grew up on the water with him and the rest of my family. We loved the beach, making many trips to the Keys and Sanibel Island here in South West Florida where I currently live. Like I mentioned earlier, he was a proud man. He was not only proud to be the man of our family, but proud of who he called his family. He loved us very much, and he loved to tease his grandchildren. It made him laugh. Nothing made him happier. He made the funniest comments, and gave the most off-the-wall Christmas presents. One of which included an old pair of underwear to spark a reaction out of my cousin Brandon. Now-a-days, this is truly something Jimmy Kimmel would do and feature on his show. If only we could tell Jimmy the Alemans were way ahead of the game. My grandpa was before our time–a true comedian at heart.

Christmas, 2009: Our last picture taken together.
Christmas, 2009: Our last picture taken together.

To keep his honor alive, my family participates in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. We are “Abuelo’s Angels!” His memory will never be forgotten. He lives on through our spirit, and continues to keep us smiling. We ran the race in his memory this past weekend, and I cant wait to do it again. I miss you, Abuelo. We will never forget you, and you will always be in our hearts. 1/30/2010 <3.

photo 3-2

Adios, Love Bugs. Thank you for reading. You have no idea how much it means.

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